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Tengu Weapons warehouse is staffed by a team of friendly and knowledgeable ninjas situated near Arizona State University

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Fleet Marine force manual provides the methodology and techniques of the Marine corps system of close combat. This system uses specific techniques to teach marines the skills required to defeat an opponent in close combat.

This authentic U.S. Army field manual contains information and guidance pertaining to rifle-bayonet fighting and hand-to-hand combat. The hand-to-hand combat portion of this manual is divided into basic and advanced training. The techniques are applied as intuitive patterns of natural movement but are initially studied according to the range. Therefore, the basic principles for fighting in each range are discussed. However, for ease of learning they are studied in reverse order as they would be encountered in a combat engagement. This manual serves as a guide for instructors, trainers and soldiers in the art of instinctive bayonet fighting.


Want to learn the secrets of grappling like the pros? Do your submissions need to come off quicker? This is the book you need!

Written by 1984 world Judo champion, Dr AnnMaria De Mars, and internationally renowned Judo coach, James Pedro Sr., this book represents an invaluable compilation of Judo knowledge that every martial artist needs to own.

If you are searching for the ultimate training survival book, look no further than this reprinted Army Survival Field Manual. Everything you need to know about surviving out in the wild can be found in this book.

Product highlights:

  • Lightweight paper back (Easy to carry during post-apocalyptic times)
  • Over 285 pages of survival tips including a full page world map
  • Arctic Survival Tactics
  • Desert Survival Tactics
  • Jungle Survival Tactics
  • Ocean Survival Tactics and much more!
  • Written by the Department of the Army!

Other Products


As any fan of ninjas knows, half the fun of learning the shadow arts is getting to use all of those fun toys! Hand claws? Caltrops? Gauntlets? Yes, please! At


Is there a more recognized martial arts weapon than that of the graceful Sword? Equally beautiful in design and purpose, the secret of the Asian martial arts sword lies in its simplicity. And, as with most things in the martial arts, it is that simplicity which gives way to incredible difficulty.


The right martial arts sparring gear is essential when you’re sparring competitively. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the right karate sparring equipment is a necessity! Luckily, we have you covered

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Light-Weight Karate Jacket

Shop Beginners Uniform Now
  • We have an overstock of select sizes and colors of lightweight 7 oz. Karate jackets and are temporarily blowing them out at an ultra low price.

Sub-Zero Costume

You will be the life of the party wearing this Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero costume
  • Any defective costumes purchased between September 1st and October 30 must be returned before Halloween in order to receive a refund.

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Top Martial Arts Weapon

Top Martial Arts Weapon

Introduction: Martial Arts is a form combat practiced for many reasons like self-defense, physical and mental health, military purpose, law, and enforcement, etc. are done world wide.  The Martial Arts are said to be dominant in the eastern Asia, but there are some...

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