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Not all can be efficient enough to master martial arts. You need a lot of focus, concentration, and practice to learn any form of martial art. There are a large number of martial arts practiced in different styles and different forms all over the world. They are very much helpful for people not just because it can protect them but also because of many other psychological benefits. Any form of art can reform you as a person, and martial arts play a major role. However, they can also have a negative impact on the society. Recently a study proved that there are around 25 arts that are extremely dangerous and can kill people in an instant and Ninjutsu is one among them.

Martial arts

So here we are going to list the positive and negative impacts of Martial Arts on the society.

Positive impactsof Martial Arts:

  • All forms of martial arts are highly helpful in holding your body, mind, and soul together. They keep you psychologically fit and young.
  • Chinese have developed a form of art that can help you recover from depression and anxiety. It is called Qigong which is Chinese form of harnessing vital energy.
  • Many scientific studies have proven that learning a martial art on a gradual basis can increase the confidence and the level of optimism of an individual.
  • Now that men and women show equal interest is learning self-defence techniques, the society sees it as a great sign. We can send the women in our family out anytime and live without fear. They do not need men to protect them all the time.

Negative impacts of Martial Arts:

To be quite honest there is no such thing called negative impacts caused by martial arts. Like we saw earlier, art in its original form is always divine. So it is not the art but the artist who can leave a negative impact on the society.

  • Martial artists can misuse their talents on a common person who might not know how to tackle him. People who are involved in martial arts can be extremely aggressive and hard to control.
  • If proper safety measures aren’t taken, it can either kill the person or can leave him with acute health issues. Even if the person has taken adequate precautionary measures, some of the internal problems will reveal themselves only in the long run leaving the victim in an irrecoverable state.
  • Most martial artists are obsessed with the want to be better at what they do. This makes them practice and stay with their technical stuff all the time. They hardly have time for family or kids. They expect their family to make a lot of sacrifices. Most martial arts fail to hold their family life together.
  • Some professional artists have unbelievable stories to stay. To learn the art and to put that into proper practice many of the people have involved in petty thievery and street crime. Some of them have been serious anti-social elements.

Most of the martial artists of the past and the present have been great examples of valor, courage, and discipline. Take inspiration from great people. If you are aspiring to master any of the martial arts, make sure to balance your family and desire alike. If you are a martial artist yourself, make sure that you are never a liability to the society. Inculcate the values and importance of being human before becoming a great artist in the hearts of the budding artists. This can make a better society.