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Martial Arts is a form combat practiced for many reasons like self-defense, physical and mental health, military purpose, law, and enforcement, etc. are done world wide.  The Martial Arts are said to be dominant in the eastern Asia, but there are some roots from Europe too in the early fifteen hundreds.  The Martial arts can be health and spiritually oriented. There are many weapons used in Martial arts, but the belief is that the best weapon is our mind. If we keep our mind focused, then our body is in our control, and we can defend ourselves.

Some of the best weapons used for Martial Arts are:

  • Katana.
  • Nauchakus.
  • Two Hook Swords.
  • Bo Staff
  • Kusari Fundo.



Katana is also known as Samurai Sword. The Sword is said to be one of the best weapons used in Martial Arts. The katana has a long blade, and at the bottom of the blade, there is a hand grip where you can hold the Katana while you are fighting. The hand grip has enough space so that you can use both hands to hold the Katana. The blade uses to build the katana is extremely sharp and long enough to strike the perfect hit.  It takes lots of practice, skill and concentration to use the Katana.



The Nunchakus have a straightforward design; it is made up of two wooden handles which are connected by a chain or thread. The Nunchakus might look very simple, and the design is fundamental, but it is challenging to master the art using the Nauchakus. The Nunchakus called as Tabak Toyok are very sharp.  This weapon became very popular as the actor/Material artist Bruce Lee was a master at using the Nauchakus.

Two Hook Swords:

Two Hook Swords

The two hook swords are very sharp and have a broad range of blades utilized in the Sword. The blade is very sharp and has a hook at the end. This weapon originated in China. The main components of the sword are the back, used as a regular sword, and then there is the hook which is used to trap the enemies and to snatch the weapons from the enemy. The hook sword also has a crescent guard used for blocking and defending them.

Bo Staff:

Bo Staff

The Bo Staff originated in Japan. The weapon is usually used to defend attack and also disarm the opponent. The weapon is a long piece of wood, the wood is a flexible one, and the wood gets taken from either red or white Oak tree. Sometimes wood is made from bamboo, pine, etc.

Kusari Fundo:

Kusari Fundo

The Kusari Fundo is a weapon which consists of a 12-inch chain with weights at the ends of the chains. The weights at the end of the strings are about 3 inches. This weapon also originated from Japan. It is a self-defense weapon which you can keep in a concealed way.